Alex Voinea

Romanian, 1973

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Since early childhood, Alex Voinea knew he wanted to be a painter. Growing up in Romania, during the communist regime, however, limited him in pursuing his passion. It was only after participating in the revolution and subsequently leaving the country for Italy and later Spain, that he had the opportunity to actively pursue painting, to experiment and to develop his own distinctive style.

Inspired by experiments with paint poured over vibrating surfaces, Voinea captures streams of color as if they were frozen in time and space. With an almost hyper-realist definition, the artist manages to evoke a hypnotizing sense of motion, fluidity, and depth. Whether small drippings or large sweeping brushstrokes, his vivid, saturated colors seem to leap straight off the canvas.

It is a struggle between chaos and control and what I am looking for is balance.

Voinea has shown his work internationally in cities like Brussels, Paris, London, Milan, Amsterdam, New York and Los Angeles. The artist currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

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