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Camille Benoit has a long-held passion for paper and its plethora of different textures. This fascination started during her art direction studies, when she discovered the wide range of paper printing techniques used to create luxurious books.

Little by little, the artist started to incorporate intricate cuts into the structure of the paper she was working with and to learn new techniques such as pop-up folding and origami. After finishing her studies, Benoit was properly initiated into the craft of paper arts and discovered a world in which this simple material is king. The diversity in color, texture, weight and size of the medium allows her to create adventurous personal projects or to formulate an answer to an individual client’s wishes.

Benoit’s work is inspired by patterns and designs found in nature. Since the start of the pandemic, she has made animal life her core subject, creating a paper ecosystem inside her own house.

The artist currently works and lives in London.

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