Claudia Marchetti


Gallery view


Claudia Marchetti is a self-taught artist as well as a conference interpreter. Two contradictory yet complementary professions; when interpreting, she empathises with others and aims to express their thoughts and opinions; when painting and drawing, she expresses all the facets of her own personality, all the women inhabiting herself, all their contradictory wishes, needs, fears and impulses.

Her drawings are populated by archetypes of romanticism, animals and bodies that play a game of hiding and revealing. They transport the viewer to a dreamlike state, where symbols reign and the separation between body and mind is abolished.

The artist paints and draws much in the same way as in which she dreams, by letting out her subconscious thoughts and images in a process of healing. She approaches her work like one would decorate their house, trying to make it as beautiful and pleasant as possible, cosier than the outside world, a parallel universe where one can be more happy and free.

Marchetti held her first solo exhibition in March 2019 in Rome, at Dispensabile, Palazzo Cenci-Bolognetti and her work has been published on the cover of Italian art and poetry magazine Monolith Volume.