Clemens Gritl


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Since completing his architectural studies in Munich and Rome, Clemens Gritl has been designing 3D architectural computer models that explore the urban utopias of the 20th century. His work focuses on the interaction between space, dimension, monotony and materiality of urban megastructures.

His photorealistic presentations can be aligned with 1960s architecture photography which documents a singular, unbroken optimism and the radical zeitgeist of its era. The choice to create the works in black and white was made to ensure that the plasticity of brutalist architecture was illustrated in its truest form. His current series, “A Future City from The Past” embodies a vision of an aged urban dystopia — an uncompromising design in the brutalist dogma.

Gritl's work has been part of several high-profile exhibitions; his video installation about Le Corbusier’s “Plan Voisin”, a radical urban design for Paris from 1925, is currently part of the exhibition “Beauty” by Sagmeister & Walsh and in 2019 it was shown at the Museum Für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt. The museum Contemporary Calgary in Canada reopened in 2019 with an exhibition of his work and in 2020, Bob Geldolf‘s band “The Boomtown Rats” published their first long player in 36 years, with one of his artworks on the cover.

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