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The work of Iranian American artist Fara Thomas can be encapsulated in two words: reflection and transparency. In a complex process, the artist layers pigmented resin onto wood panels and then manipulates it to build seemingly endless layers of color and space. This overlap of highly reflective surfaces creates a depth that makes the eye of the viewer travel from one colorful plane to the next and forces us to slow down – to experience seeing anew, as a complex process in which the intensity of color pulls the gaze in, but reflection averts it.

How do we perceive our environment? What is reality? Can we trust our understanding?

These are the questions that Thomas poses. Her highly reflective surfaces serve as abstract mirrors - mirrors that reflect our own position inside a space, while simultaneously immersing us into the image’s spatial depth, thus linking pictorial reality with perceived reality.

The artist currently lives and works in Newport Beach California, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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