Giovanna Morando


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Driven by a passion for drawing for as long as she can remember, Giovanna Morando always had a strong connection with the arts and its multifaceted forms of expression. After studying at Art School and the International School for Comics, the artist experimented with different media and techniques, focussing mainly on tattooing and surrealist illustration. Her tools would include watercolors, tempera, acrylics on paper, chalk and canvas, which she would use to blend figurative subjects with geometric forms of expression.

Morando’s latest work is characterized by a use of patterns, textures and fabrics, mixed with illustration to form a new hybrid technique that draws the viewer in, both in a visual and in a tactile manner. With the Women’s Drapery collection, the artist intends to trigger the viewer’s memories of their childhood, of their individual journey, to evoke the sensations of everyday life, of tradition and culture and to emanate a sense of protection and serenity.

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