Kristin Holm Dybvig

Norwegian, 1963

Gallery view


Kristin Holm Dybvig lives on the West Coast of Norway, close to fjords and mountains, on the edge of the North Sea. The colors of this beautiful landscape, ever-changing as they are subject to the elements, form an endless source of inspiration for her work.

Dybvig had always been drawn to the arts, but different opportunities arose and she decided to focus on a career as an Art Director. She then moved to England where she studied Art and Art Therapy, after which she worked as an Art Therapist mainly with children and young adults. Drawing and painting thus followed her throughout the years and just two years ago she decided to focus all her time and energy on her own artistic career.

The artist prefers to create with dry pastels, working in an intuitive way, with her hands as tools for a more immediate approach. This results in works that emanate an ethereal feeling - a certain softness that one rarely encounters in other media. Dybvig’s works are a vibrant exploration of the inherent luminosity and vitality of the colors surrounding her - the dialogues, movements and flow that affect their character and how to translate them into gestures, shapes, and lines.

“Colors speak the language of my soul and never cease to fascinate and inspire me, rendering unending possibilities of exploration.”