Laurent Prudot


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Lines atomized into spots that vibrate within the space of the canvas; the work of Laurent Prudot is the product of a continuous dialogue between two antagonistic principles of abstraction: on the one hand, precise and systematic geometry, on the other, the emphasis on traces, misplacements, and other "painterly" accidents inherent in the execution of the work that the artist decides to preserve rather than omit.

Born in 1968, Prudot says he became a painter almost by accident. After studying at the School of Decorative Arts and ESAM he dabbled in illustration, graphic design for theatre posters, and much more. Painting, he did in his spare time, on Sundays or in the evenings, until one evening, by chance, he discovered a new painting process: "the Monotempreinte", which would become his signature style.

Due to this technique, often rendered with random tools, his paintings emanate a certain rhythm. Their ever-changing color, the repetitive, almost obsessive application of a motif, and its gradual change create a hypnotic effect that is broken only by the accidents he embraces. These traces of the hand of the artist re-focus the gaze on the particularity of the detail and the intricacy of the work as a whole.

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