Louise Birn


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Getting to where she is today has been a long artistic journey for Louise Birn. Originally trained as a fashion designer, she spent a few years working as a tailor for private customers until, in 1995, she was accepted to Sir John Faculty of Arts and Silversmithing in London. Since then, she has worked professionally as a goldsmith with enamel as her trademark. It was in 2017, that the artist decuded to take up painting. As long as she can remember, she had been drawing and with two design educations behind her, she had 8 years of combined training.

I become restless if I don't express myself creatively every day in some way or another. Being creative puts my mind at ease and that's when I'm the best version of myself.

Soon, Birn realized she loved the process of finding the right flower for her drawings, either out in the fields, her grandmother's flowerpot or the local flowershop. Her first paintings she created without miniature people, but the artist found them to lack “something”. Coincidentally, she was working on another project - a collage of small figures, cut out from magazines. She decided to add one of these cut outs to a flower painting and from that moment her work took on new life.

The artist currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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