Reza Azimian

Iranian, 1977

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Iranian artist Reza Azimian is a self-taught painter whose degree in sociology has become central to his artistic career.

His work explores our ever-changing culture and the subsequent effects this has on our identity and social conduct. The artist finds inspiration in his daily surroundings as well as online – this can be in the form of images but also personal experiences that constiture his perception of social issues. His work often deals with a sense of loneliness that the artist associates with the speedy advancement of technology and its effects on us as individuals as well as society as a whole.

His “Portraits” series explore the topic of modern social engagements. His “Download” series, on the other hand, focuses on the concept of technology and how this inevitably interferes with our daily routine and identity; both in the physical and the virtual lives we lead. In “False Feeling”, a sub-series of the Download series, Azimian represents psychic shocks and disorders that perhaps, at one point, have affected us all.

Reza Azimian lives and works in Hamadan, an old mountainous city in Iran. In recent years, his works have been exhibited on numerous occasions, displayed at art fairs worldwide and become part of prominent collections inside and outside of Iran.

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