Viktor van Bramer

USA, 1983

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All that you touch you Change.

All that you Change Changes you.

The only lasting truth is Change.

God Is Change

— Octavia Butler

"I’m interested in liminal states; the endless transition from day to night and night to day that happens second by second, creating infinite horizons; the habits and activities of animals, including humans, and plants, during the crepuscular hours. I’m inspired by transcendence of consciousness, whether it’s the lucidity experienced in those tender moments when we wake or succumb to slumber; the random "aha!" moments that provide inspiration or deeper understanding when fully awake or proactively seeking them through various practices, be it exercise, meditation, or art making - the list could go on and on.

Small and large transformational moments happen continuously. There is no solid you, we, us or them. Change is the only real constant. So to make sense of our lives we construct concrete ideas of what the world is made of. For instance: we rely on the notion that the mountains are there, they are always there, they will always be there. I find it more likely that, in the words of the folk singer Donovan: “first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is”. The mountain you look at is never the mountain you’ve seen before."

In this series, I explore these ideas by collaging gradient painted hand-cut paper into graphically engaging compositions. Fantastical celestial bodies, divided skies with multiple horizons, vibrating desert mirages, clouds that are hiking trails, doors made of light and shadow, and ruins from both the past and the future are just part of the thematic imagery I explore in the construction of each work.

While these ideas are ineffably complex, I capture them in a minimal way that elicits a sense of profound wonder. It’s my hope that, with these seemingly impossible landscapes, the viewer is inspired to see the world and their personal experience with a new sense of curiosity and reverence."

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