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Daniele Fortuna

Artist Spotlight

Art can make you see the world in a different way – it can give you something better or worse – the important thing is that it gives you something.

Growing up in Italy, Daniele Fortuna had always been fascinated by the figures of ancient mythology and the dream-worlds they represent. Today, he brings these childhood heroes to life and gives them a third dimension in the form of intricate wooden sculptures with a splash of contemporary color.

His unique statues consist of individual pieces of wood that are cut by hand, assembled like a puzzle and hand-painted, transforming the material beyond recognition. His sculptures establish a connection, a bridge over time, between elements of traditional Italian art and pop-art expression.



Q. What inspired you to transform classical figures into wooden sculptures?

A. Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by mythological figures. They allowed me to dream and to imagine other worlds. Recreating them in a modern medium and setting is a way to make these figures that I have always loved come to life. To ensure that we do not forget the ancient civilizations from which we come.

Q. Your pieces feature exceptionally bright colours – sometimes even glitter, what is your goal in this juxtaposition between classical images and modern elements?

A. Using these colours on classical sculptures represents the importance of seeing the world in colour - that is, appreciating every shade of colour that life gives us. Colour has a big impact on our mood, so if we have the possibility to use different colours it would be foolish to waste them.

Q. Could you explain your process?

A. I already have a picture in mind of what I want to achieve. I do not make sketches, but immediately start to design my shapes, which I copy onto the wood. I then cut them out with a jigsaw and assemble them. In the end, I always achieve exactly what I imagined.

Q. What would you like your work to evoke in the viewer?

A. Positive emotions. I want to bring people a little happiness in a time like this. With everything that is going on, we need some positive energy. I would like to bring a smile to the viewer's face.

Q. Could you tell us a bit about your mirror pieces?

A. I was intrigued by the fact that the spectator could see himself reflected inside a mythological figure and feel like he's part of it. Every time they look at the piece, the reflection will be different and a new scenario will play out inside the mirror.

Q. How do you feel about the increased accessibility that comes with selling art online? Has it influenced your life as an artist?

A. I think that online sales have made the impossible possible. The fact that you can buy artworks from anywhere in the world is something extraordinary - the faraway has become close. It has given my creativity a boost and fuels my work.


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